The Lithuanian Automobile Sport Federation (LASF) was established in 1990. This organization unites sport clubs and sport public organizations propagating and cultivating Lithuanian automobile sport.

Lithuanian motor sport was introduced in between the two World Wars. It is acknowledged that the year 1931 is the best reflection of the beginning of automobile sport in Lithuania, as on July 24 of that year the wave of automobile hum rolled over the country, i.e. the first national Rally „Around Lithuania“ was organized. Many famous people of that time including Lithuanian opera singer Kipras Petrauskas with the ballet dancer Jonas Vasiliauskas, the Director of Klaipėda Gymnasium of Vytautas the Great Doctor Trukanas, the General Secretary of Lithuanian Club of Automobiles Langė, former Aviation Captain of Lithuanian Army and the engineer Pranas Hiksa along with others started in the mentioned rally. Antanas Smetona, President of the Republic of Lithuania patronized the competition and established the price for a winner.

In 1960, the first championship of Rally was organized in Lithuania. Masters of Lithuanian Rally achieved great results in USSR rally championships as well. Lithuania was the winner in overall rankings even for 12 times! Our representatives also achieved good results in international rallies. Vikis Oleka with Moskvič as well as Pranas Šatas and Vytautas Laužeckas with Volga were the first to win the international prizes in 1964.

In 1961 and 1962, Circuit races and autocross competitions were started in Lithuania.

After the restoration of Independence (1990), despite financial difficulties, Lithuanian lovers of Automobile sport found ways to preserve and further cherish this branch of sports. By courtesy of these people we have great winnings in Lithuanian as well as international competitions.

As mentioned before, enthusiasts of automobile sport established Lithuanian Automobile Sport Federation with head office in Kaunas in 1990. The main aim of the LASF is to strive for automobile sport development and promotion in Lithuania while uniting own members. In order to achieve these aims, LASF prepared own Bylaws, the Code of Lithuanian Automobile Sport (LASK) and rules of Lithuanian automobile sport championships and other competitions of automobile sport.

In 1994, LASF was recognised by the Fédération Internationale de l’automobile (the FIA) as sole holder of sporting power in Lithuania and became the member of the FIA.

Currently LASF is managed by the President Romas Austinskas elected for four years term of office by the highest LASF management Body – the General Assembly (previous Presidents: A. Jankūnas and S. Alesius). LASF General Secretary – Renata Burbulienė.

While observing the current situation in automobile sport in Lithuania, we see an inevitable necessity to integrate Lithuanian automobile sport into a wider context, i.e. to continue cooperation and develop new projects alongside with other European countries.

The task to promote automobile sport in Lithuania and make it contemporary attractive not only to sportsmen but also to spectators and sponsors is considered as one of the main goals of our organization.

We expect that our common work will help to develop the Federation into an organization cherishing automobile sport and becoming a helper and a unifying axis for the LASF members.

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